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History of the Mill
What we stand for

Marriage's is committed to supporting the British food and farming industry.

Supporting British Farmers

Marriage’s source English wheat from local Essex farmers where possible, including from the family’s own arable farms only a few miles from Chelmer Mills. This local commitment helps to keep food miles to a minimum. All of the farmers from whom Marriage’s source wheat are members of the Assured Crops Scheme. Many of the farmers that supply Marriage’s have been farming families for generations – the same is true of many of the smaller independent family run bakeries that purchase Marriage’s flour. 

A number of Marriage’s flours have the Red Tractor symbol to demonstrate their British provenance.


Supporting British Bakers

Marriage’s support various initiatives that celebrate the talent of Britain’s independent bakeries. Marriage’s has sponsored National Craft Bakers’ Week, an annual industry campaign to highlight the skills of traditional bakeries to the general public, since its launch in 2009. Marriage’s also champion bakery excellence by sponsoring local food awards across East Anglia, and are a member of the Real Bread Campaign.

Organic Food and Farming

Marriage’s is committed to supporting the British food and farming industry. 

We have produced organic certified flour varieties for nearly 30 years, and Sampson David Marriage, the father of current Director George Marriage, took an active interest in organic wheat and flour production before it became high profile. George Marriage helped establish the Organic Food Federation and was its Chairman for several years. Marriage’s has been active in organic industry research projects, across the agricultural, milling and baking industries including the Better Organic Bread Project.

Marriage’s is a pledgor to the ‘Why I Love Organic’ campaign, a three year programme to help consumers understand the benefits of organic

Marriage’s has a no use GM wheat policy. 

Reducing waste

During the wheat milling process, a co-product is bran, which is turned into animal feed at Chelmer Mills to minimize waste.

Marriage’s flour is packed into bags and sack that have been produced in the UK, using paper sourced from renewable Scandinavian forests.

We use recycled boxes to send out our home baking flour.