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Bread machines vary according to brand and model so we recommend checking the specific manufacturer's manual, but here we have shared a few common bread machine questions.

Bread Makers

What temperature water should I use?

Water should be tepid (approximately body temperature 37°C) – if it is too hot then the yeast will be activated too fast. Using cold water will not activate the yeast.

Can I bake my bread machine loaf in the oven?

Yes – if you want to save time, then you can use a bread machine for the dough kneading stage and then do the rest by hand.

The top of my loaf has collapsed – what went wrong?

It is possible that too much liquid was added and that your bread rose too fast.

Can I use Marriage’s flours in a bread machine?

All of Marriage’s Strong home baking flours are suitable for use in bread machines.

The Panasonic Ideas Kitchen has a range of bread machine recipes at:

What order should I add the ingredients to my machine?

We’d suggest following the manufacturer’s instructions, and add the yeast in first and the water last (as otherwise the yeast will be activated when it comes into contact with the water). It is also best to keep the salt and yeast apart, so that the salt does not kill the yeast.

I tried adding seeds and dried fruit but they didn’t mix in well. What can I do?

Many newer bread machine models have dispensers for nuts and dried fruit, but if you are adding these manually then it is worth checking that you have done so at the recommended stage in the kneading cycle as per the manufacturer’s instructions (normally towards the end of the cycle).

What type of yeast should I use in my bread maker?

Instant fast acting yeast – fresh yeast is not suitable for bread machines.

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