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Bakery Formulas
Longer Recipes for when you have a bit of time
know what flour you'd like to bake with? use the finder to search recipes by flour type.


Pesto Challah Bread

A delicious Pesto Challah Bread recipe, created by Allegra Benitah, The Challah Mummy for Marriage's. 

Moulsham Seeded Bread Rolls

Wholesome malted brown bread rolls, packed with five seeds - perfect for lunch boxes or picnics

How to Create a Sourdough Starter, also known as Mother Dough

All you'll need to make your sourdough starter is strong white flour and water.

Delicious Dark Rye Bread

This homemade delicious dark rye bread recipe, using traditional rye sourdough makes a wonderful wholesome snack to keep you fuller for longer.

Organic Malted Bread Rolls

Wholesome organic bread rolls - perfect for lunch boxes or a picnic

Malted brown bread

A delicious malted brown loaf, with the goodness of added bran and wheat grains.

White Tin Loaf

This recipe is ideal for ‘everyday’ bread for sandwiches and toast.

Golden Wholegrain Loaf

A lighter, milder flavoured loaf, with all the goodness of the whole wheat grain. Popular even with those who aren’t fans of traditional wholemeal bread!

Honey & Oat Rye Bread

A lighter textured rye bread with an oat topping.

Seeded Malted Loaf

A wholesome malted brown loaf packed with five seeds.

Banana & Date Spelt Plait

An attractive sweet loaf made using Spelt flour for a nutty flavour.

Beef and mushroom pie

This large well-flavoured pie can be made with a beef, game or venison filling, plus mushrooms. It is slowly cooked in half a bottle of red wine and topped with rough puff pastry, which is quicker, simpler and less rich than traditional puff pastry.

Yorkshire puddings

This quickly mixed batter is made from just flour, one egg, milk and a pinch of salt. Bake in a sizzling tin in a hot oven until tall, crisp and light.

Crunchy Oat and Wholemeal Loaf

An oval loaf with plenty of flavour, a chewy but light crumb and crunchy crust.  This nutritious bread toasts well and is good for sandwiches. 

Brie en brioche

Something a bit different to make for a special meal; a whole small wheel of Brie topped with spicy-hot chutney then wrapped in a buttery, rich dough.

Sweet chilli hot dog rolls

Rich white rolls with a soft crumb and crust plus a touch of sweet-chilli – ideal with barbecued sausages or hamburgers; and you can make small bridge rolls for tiny chipolatas, larger finger rolls or round buns. 


A rustic bread from Italy, flavoured with fresh rosemary, thyme and parsley, plus olive oil and sea salt then baked in a rectangular roasting tin.  Eat with dips, olives and salami.  Next day cut the bread into thick slices and grill to make bruschetta. 

Country Olive Bread

A rough-looking, open textured olive loaf, ideal to serve with thick soups, antipasti and dips like hummous and guacamole. 

Honeyed Wholemeal, Hazelnut & Apricot Loaf

A wholesome and well-flavoured plaited loaf, packed with apricots and hazelnuts.

Sourdough Loaf

Bread made from a sourdough starter has the deepest flavour, a wonderful crust and chewy crumb.  

Slow Rise Bread

This recipe is ideal for ‘everyday’ bread for sandwiches and toast.  

Naan Bread

Naan is a Punjabi leavened bread made with fine white flour and yogurt which ferments the dough and adds flavour. 


This roughly shaped, floury crust bread comes from Northern Italy, around Lake Como.  

Bara Brith

The name means ’speckled bread’ as this is a moist, slightly spicy tea bread speckled with dried fruit.  


To make good French bread you need a really hot oven plus a bit of steam for a glossy, crisp crust.  


Lemon & Lavender Loaf Cake

A twist on a classic lemon drizzle cake. This has a lovely fresh flavour combination and is perfect for enjoying with friends and family.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 40-45 minutes

Brandy Buttercream Mince Pies

Mince pies without a pastry top and piped with brandy buttercream. A very sweet treat, best served with a cup of tea!


Spelt Hot Cross Buns

A delicious Easter treat, these Marriage's Spelt Hot Cross Buns offer a wholesome and nutty flavour and a closer texture than our traditional recipe.

Double Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Perfect for Easter, our Marriage's Double Chocolate Hot Cross Buns are an indulgent twist on a classic recipe. They are delicious toasted. Try adding chocolate spread for further indulgence!

Pistachio Spice Cake

This moist sponge cake tastes like a mouthful of Christmas – full of warm, heady spices and brilliant green nuts.  

Homemade Mincemeat

Fruity and moist with a rich spicy taste but not cloyingly sweet.

Hot Cross Buns

Perfect for Easter, these traditional hot cross buns are excellent toasted and freeze well.

Chocolate Marble Cake

This chocolate sponge cake is easy to make and looks stunning! After baking you can leave the cake plain or add a simple melted chocolate topping – choose your favourite chocolate - white, milk or dark.

Yule Chocolate Log

A festive chocolate log decorated with meringue mushrooms.  This cake can be made a day before serving and makes a glamorous Christmas dessert.

Classic Lemon Tart with Passion Fruit topping

A rich and crisp pastry case filled with a creamy zesty lemon mix then finished with a fresh passion fruit topping.  Blueberries, Tayberries or raspberries can also be used instead.

Mince pies

Mince pies can be frozen before or after baking, and are nicest eaten gently warmed. 

Christmas Pudding

Light in texture but rich in flavour this Christmas pudding is lower in fat than most traditional recipes but still packed with fruit and alcohol.  The list of ingredients looks long but the method is very easy.

Father's Day Chocolate Tart

Indulge Dad with an impossible to resist dessert: crisp chocolate pastry filled with a rich bitter chocolate cream and finished with fresh raspberries.

Banana Bread

A very easy recipe using very ripe bananas plus chocolate chips or, even better, good dark chocolate chopped into chunks.  The loaf is delicious cut into thick slices and eaten plain or spread with butter or chocolate spread. 

Sticky Walnut Tart

The combination of the sticky toffee mixture, made from butter, sugar, honey and cream, and the fine flavour of the nuts works well with a simple crisp pastry shell.     

Bara Brith

Welsh favourite Bara Brith, or ’speckled bread’, is a moist, slightly spicy tea bread speckled with dried fruit.  

Panettone Bread and Butter pudding

Slightly stale panettone makes the most luxurious bread and butter pudding.  The rich, creamy custard is flavoured with grated lemon and orange rind.

Last Minute Christmas Cake

An easy, simple recipe with few ingredients; this cake has all the smells and flavours of a traditional well-matured Christmas cake yet can be made just a day or so before cutting.  

Apple Cake

A  lovely farm house recipe ideal for using autumn windfalls.  The cooking apples plus cider give the cake a rich flavour and cut the sweetness – serve warm for dessert with cream or custard, or leave to cool and eat as a moist country cake. 

Blueberry & Lemon Bread Pudding

Comfort food at its best; adding fresh blueberries and plenty of lemon to this traditional pudding make it well flavoured and light, and very more-ish.

Simnel Cake

This traditional Easter Day cake is a light fruit mixture flavoured with lemon zest and a layer of marzipan in the middle of the cake plus another layer added to the top after baking.  


Panettone is a speciality of Milan where bakers vie to make the tallest, lightest, most delicate butter-rich loaf.