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We now offer premium Moul-Bie flours and mixes from French flour miller Grands Moulins de Paris.
For information about the full product range and Moul-Bie’s technical bakery support, please speak to our sales team.



Campaillette Grand Siècle

For an exceptional traditional French baguette, with a very crunchy crust and melt-in-the-mouth, cream-coloured crumb. 100% certified Label Rouge wheat flour, additive free.

Gruau Rouge

T45 hard wheat flour for the traditional production of pastries. Perfect for recipes rich in butter, eggs and sugar.

Or T55

T55 wheat flour for standard French bread. Suitable for all artisan bakery uses and production methods.

Pâtissière Blanche

Multi-purpose T55 flour for sweet and savoury pastries, sponges, cakes, liquid dough, pastry bases and choux pastry. (Not suitable for puff pastry or leavened dough.)

Seigle T170

T170 rye flour, for black bread, rye bread and farmhouse bread. Ideal for very dark bread with a strong taste of rye, intense flavours and marked acidity.

Violette T45

Ideal flour for croissant, pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins, brioche and puff pastry. This flour has good water absorption, good work tolerance and rises well in the oven.



THE rustic bread: a distinctive bread with a great rye sourdough taste and notes of caramel. Makes bread with 80% hydration (the highest in the range) and excellent shelf-life. Long fermentation (3 hours), allows flavour development.

Campaillou Campagrain

For bread with a dark crumb, packed with seeds and acidic notes in the aftertaste. Its golden, crunchy crust is sprinkled with poppy seeds. A source of fibre.

85.5% cereals (wheat, rye, oats, barley) and 14% seeds (sesame, sunflower, brown linseed, yellow linseed).

Croissant PLF

For croissants and all leavened puff pastries. Rises well, allowing you to make more products with the same amount of dough. Suitable for all bakery methods.

Pain de Campagne

A well balanced mix for making country bread with a subtle taste of rye sourdough. A source of protein and fibre.

Pain aux Figues (10KG)

Packed with big fig pieces, this produces bread with an open, amber crumb and mild honey notes. A source of fibre - 17% figs. Ideal for boosting sales during the festive season.


Brioche Moelleuse

A mix for very soft brioches with an intense buttery taste. The product with the sweetest taste in the range; the mix has 16% butter powder - 12% sugar.