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Bakery Formulas
All bakers have their favourite combinations of flours to make their own special recipes.

Here's a few Marriage's bakery recipes that you might like to try:


100% Dark German Rye Bread

A moist, dense long lasting rye bread, producing using a rye sourdough.

Pain de Campagne

A classic style French loaf, produced using white, rye and wholemeal flour.

White Sourdough Loaf

A long fermentation bread, made using natural occurring wild yeast.

Light Rye Sourdough

   A long fermentation bread, made using light rye flour and natural occuring wild yeast.

White Spelt Loaf

A well flavoured loaf made from flour milled from the ancient Spelt grain and using a biga. 

'Bran'guette' (with Poolish and Levain)

A traditional baguette, produced with a Poolish, given a twist with the addition of bran for extra texture and flavour.

Wheat and Barley Loaf

A loaf with great character, produced using barley flour and a biga for a unique colour and taste.

Whole Wheat Multi Seeded

A wholesome nutritious wholewheat bread packed full of seeds for added crunch and flavour.

Wholemeal Spelt Loaf

A distinctive tasting loaf made using  100% wholemeal spelt flour, delivering the natural goodness of the ancient Spelt grain, with a biga.