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Thank you for all your existing orders which may take up to 14 DAYS to arrive. During this time, we're unable to respond to individual enquiries regarding shipping or tracking. If orders are cancelled, refunds may take time to be processed. We are very sorry to cause any inconvenience and hope to be back on-line in a few days. Thank you for your support and custom during this challenging time.
As well as 16 kg sacks, Marriage's offers bulk flour and has the capacity to mill bespoke flours for customers - please discuss with a member of the Sales Team.



A versatile traditional bakers' flour for bread and rolls. Good for puff pastry.

Canadian Blend

A high protein strong flour for bread and rolls, containing Canadian wheat.


A high protein strong flour for bread and rolls, treated with ascorbic acid.


A traditional strong bakers' flour containing Canadian wheat, treated with ascorbic acid.

French Stick

For baguettes and French bread, treated with ascorbic acid.

Bakers Plain

An all-English bread flour, ideal for tin breads.

Golden Crust

A very popular bakers' flour suitable for bread and rolls, made from all English wheat and treated with ascorbic acid.


A strong bakers' flour made from all English wheat, for bread and rolls.


The ultimate flour for long fermentation baking. Exceptionally strong, milled from all Canadian Spring wheat.

Strong Organic White

A strong protein organic flour milled from carefully selected organic wheats


A strong, high Canadian content flour suited to long processes.


A strong patent flour suitable for long processes, very white and suitable for ciabatta.