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As well as sacks, Marriage's offers bulk flour and has the capacity to mill bespoke flours for customers - please discuss with a member of the Sales Team.

Brown & Wholemeal

Brown & Wholemeal Flour

Strong Stoneground Wholemeal

A strong stoneground wholemeal, a blend with a high proportion of Canadian wheat.

Vienna Wholemeal

Roller milled from a strong blend of English and Canadian wheats.


A stoneground wholemeal bakers' flour.


A malted brown flour containing flakes of wheat and malted grain.


A roller-milled English wholemeal flour.

Country Malt

A heavily malted brown flour with large malted wheatflakes.

Golden Wholegrain Bread Flour

For Bread & Pizzas with more fibre

A sweeter, milder flavour and lighter colour than traditional wholemeal flour.

Moulsham Strong Malted Seeded

Ideal for bread and rolls
This malted brown flour is packed with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, millet, brown linseed and poppy seeds.

Royale Canadian Brown

A strong brown flour with coarse bran particles.

Strong Organic Wholemeal

A strong organic ‘100% of the grain’ flour for a nutritious high fibre loaf with a 'nutty' flavour. Traditionally milled on French Burr stones.