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All bakers will have their favourite combinations of flours to make their own special recipes.

Here's a few of ours you might like to try.

White Sourdough Loaf

A long fermentation bread, made using natural occurring wild yeast.

White Levain


Ingredients Bakers % Metric
White Flour 100% 1200g
Water @ (FDT 20°C) 80% 960g
White Starter 30% 360g
Total   2520g


Final Dough


Ingredients Bakers % Metric
White Flour 100% 5000g
White Levain 50% 2500g
Salt 2% 100g
Water @ 25°C 60% 3000ml
Total   10600g

preparation method

1. White levain/sourdough is produced by blending flour, water and starter. Cover and allow to rest at 20°C for 6-12 hours.

2. Mix final dough. In spiral mixer: 3 minutes on 1st speed and 4 minutes on 2nd speed. Desired dough temperature: 25°C- 27°C.

3. Bulk fermentation of 4 hours, with a gentle book folder after each hour.

4. Scale into 500g/900g loaves.

5. Rest dough pieces for 30 minutes.

6. Shape into rounds and place into proving baskets or shape long and put into cloths.

7. Final proof of 3-6 hours at 25°C (dough will crack on top and rise only 2/3 of original size).

8. Bake at 240°C for approximately 25 minutes. Pre-steam oven and give additional steam of 2-3 seconds. Reduce temperature to 220°C and bake for another 25 minutes.

9. Cool on a wire rack to set crust.

White Sourdough Loaf