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Uk Baking Team Win Gold

We were delighted to support the UK Baking Team at the International du Pain in Tunisia this year. The UK team won gold - huge congratulations to David and everyone involved!

Bakes included Tunisian Tabouna bread made using squid ink, cranberries and Marriage's flour. The teams also had to create: bread traditional to our country with an historical presentation; a meal with bread as it's main component; a sweet bread; a stuffed bread; abread from the team's country with a Tunisian product.

The team had a wonderful insight into the Tunisian culture on their tour of Djerba - see their video here 

Bachmanns Patisserie and Russum's Catering also supported Tunisia 2017.


The UK Team Coach, Rob Weeks, said “The highlight for me has been watching the team work and grow, get to know each other, learn from each other and what they’ve also seen they’re able to do".

Chair of the Jury, David Michel Mizon,said “This competition is very important for the traditional and cultural history of world breads, in keeping traditional skills and knowledge alive for our future generations. Breads from around the world vary greatly and this festival gives an opportunity for the bakers and chefs from around the world to share and learn from each other.”

Posted by Elisa