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Small Changes, Big Difference For Organic September

It’s Organic September, the UK's biggest celebration of all things organic.

This year the Soil Association is asking everyone to make a Small Change in their everyday lives, in order to make a Big Difference to the UK’s food and farming. The small change might be switching your flour or milk to organic or choosing an organic moisturiser.

At Marriage’s, we’ve milled organic certified flour varieties for nearly 30 years, and Sampson David Marriage, the father of current Director George Marriage, took an active interest in organic wheat and flour production before it became high profile. George Marriage helped establish the Organic Food Federation and was its Chairman for several years. Marriage’s has been active in organic industry research projects, across the agricultural, milling and baking industries, including the Better Organic Bread Project.

The Soil Association are calling on people to share the small change you’re planning to make today on their website at The website also contains lots of information about organic food and farming.  

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