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Perfect Pancakes: Top Tips

Happy Pancake Day! Here are our top tips for making perfect pancakes -

  • Be careful not to overbeat the batter – doing so can make your pancakes tough and chewy.

  • If mixing pancake batter by hand, use a whisk rather than a wooden spoon; this will give a smooth texture.

  • Rest your batter in the fridge for at least half an hour before using, to achieve lighter pancakes.

  • When cooking pancakes, you only need to use a small amount of oil - a couple of drops in the pan should be enough.

  • A hot pan is key when making pancakes – so ensure that you are using a high heat.

  • A shallow non-stick pancake pan can be a handy investment to help achieve thin French style crepes.

  • Use a measuring cup or a ladle to measure out pancake mixture into the pan, this will help ensure your pancakes are of a consistent shape.

  • Use a thin palette knife to edge around finished pancakes and ease them out of the pan, rather than a fish slice.

  • Be prepared to throw away the first pancake you make (or quickly eat it before no one sees!).

  • Have some warmed plates ready to stack cooked pancakes onto, with layers of greaseproof paper between them.

  • Don’t wash the pan out between pancakes – simply wipe with kitchen roll to retain its coating.

  • If you end up making too many pancakes, fortunately they freeze well. Defrost and reheat the pancakes for an easy pudding; why not try serving with fruit compote and ice cream, or melted chocolate and chopped hazelnut pieces.

Posted by Hannah