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New Golden Wholegrain Flour Launches

We’re excited to launch two unique new flours for home bakers: Golden Wholegrain Bread flour and Golden Wholegrain Plain flour!

Many of us are looking for easy ways to improve our diet, without compromising on taste. With a sweeter, milder flavour and a lighter colour than traditional wholemeal flour, Golden Wholegrain offers an easy and tasty way to boost fibre and add wholegrains.

Golden Wholegrain Bread flour offers a delicious, wholesome alternative when making bread, rolls and pizza at home. Golden Wholegrain Plain Flour is the natural choice when makingfruit cakes, scones, muffins and quiche bases. Golden Wholegrain flour can also be used 50/ 50 with your usual white flour, to boost your fibre consumption.

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter says: ‘Marriage’s Golden Wholegrain flour is naturally high in fibre; it contains over twice as much dietary fibre as regular white flour and is also a source of wholegrains.

Fibre is an important ingredient in a healthy balanced diet; it helps to keep the digestive system healthy and increases the speed at which material passes through the digestive tract. Wholegrains offer a number of health benefits and studies show that eating three or more servings of wholegrain foods a day can help reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.’

Golden Wholegrain Bread Flour and Golden Wholegrain Plain Flour are 100% wholemeal. During milling, the whole of the grain is ground to flour in one process; nothing is removed, delivering all the goodness of the wheat grain.

Marriage’s Golden Wholegrain Bread flour (1kg) and Marriage’s Golden Wholegrain Plain flour (1kg) is now available from and is coming to www.ocado.comlater this week. 

Posted by Hannah