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Harvest Time In Essex

Richard Marriage grows wheat on his arable farm a few miles down the road from Chelmer Mills and explains what happens during harvest.

‘Harvest normally takes place between mid July and September – we are a bit late starting this year because of the wet weather. We know the wheat is ready to be harvested by looking at it - we can see the grain is turning from softer to harder; I might chew the wheat as well before testing it using a moisture meter.

As long as the weather holds, we’ll normally be out on the combine for 3-4 weeks, working from dawn to dusk. Once we’ve cut the wheat, we store it in our grain barn, and send an advance wheat sample to the lab at the mill for testing. We’ll then send loads of wheat to the mill over the coming year.

Harvest is our busiest time of year, but after it is all finished, there’s no let up as we’ll be continuing with ploughing and drilling next year’s crop.  

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