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Guest Local Producer On Bbc Radio 4 The Kitchen Cabinet

Marriage's Flour was guest local producer on BBC Radio 4's foodie programme, The Kitchen Cabinet - hosted by Jay Rayner, with panellists Dr Zoe Laughlin (from the Institute of Making), Sue Lawrence (Scottish cook and writer), Rachel McCormack (Spanish food expert) and Tim Hayward (Cambridge restaurateur and critic).

The show broadcasts on Saturday mornings at 10.30am, it’s recorded in front of a live audience who put questions to a panel of chefs and cooks and it's all about celebrating local food history and culture. Marriage's were invited onto the programme to talk about the family history of the business, the milling process today and the variety of flours produced. 

If you missed the Chelmsford, Essex, episode of The Kitchen Cabinet you can listen to the show here "This week, the panellists reveal their most successful - and unsuccessful - ventures with toast. They also provide everything you knead to know about flour and have a bubbly conversation about carbonated drinks".

Posted by Elisa